Technical Description

Tequila History Agave culture by the Mexican Chamber of the Tequila Industry

The flavor with not only evoke memories of the past loves, but it will link you to the present and capture the hopes for tomorrow.

European-Asia-American -comunity

About Quality

Is the most awarded Tequila distillery in México

This Distillery is a modern efficient factory that has the certification of the Tequila Regulatory Board (CRT) as well as of the Official Mexican Standard (NOM), can produce 500,000 monthly litters. This is where tequila of exceptional quality is produced with an authentic traditional flavor by using modern methods and production equipment as well as a strict quality control, but using for traditional methods. Cooking can be carried out in brick masonry ovens or developed in steel tanks known as autoclaves. This is where El Hijo de Mis Amores is produced. Smoothest Tequila.

Product specification sheet for

Country Manufacture: México
Organoleptic and Physical Properties 
Sensory Properties: Wooden Agave Plant Nose,
Alcoholic Strong Agave Taste 
Percentage of sugar:  0%
Double Destillation Process

Aromatic characteristics

Herbal and fruit notes are perceived, Its sweetness is provided by the caramelization obtained in the slow cooking of the agave, Light critical notes of apple and pear are presented Accompanied by a nice long finish. Smoothest Tequila.

Plata Silver

Plata / Silver

Brilliantly clear silver Tequila Premium,
Made from 100% blue agave from
The Tequla lands of Jalisco
Enjoy it straight or in a selection of your special cocktails High Quality.

Reposado Age

Reposado / Age

This has a perfect golden crystalline colour.
Our Aged Tequila, made from 100% blue Agave,
Every sip of El Hijo de Mis Amores Reposado delivers delicious notes of warm caramel and vanilla, and ends with surprising notes of spice / maturation Aging in American Oak Barrels

Añejo Extra Age

Plata / Silver

Our ambar coloured 100% blue Agave Extra Aged Tequila,
Is matured for fourteen months and has a delicate and smooth flavour.

Phone Number.

México +52 33 3576 9226
USA +1 (832) 659 5433


Paseo Abie 345 Col Valle Imperial, Zapopan Jalisco CP 45134